Friday, August 5th, 2011

iaaron.jpgAlas, it has come to this. Bill pretty much hit that nail on the head; we've all sort of lost interest in the Magnistar project. I mean, let's face it, it's hard to do daily review updates when no one comes by to read them.

The site will remain here for the foreseeable future as a sort of relic. I don't think much updating is going to be happening, though.

I'm actually really sad about this, but with the lack of fans, David disappearing, and Bill calling everyone fags all the time, it became tougher to see through the "I could be playing Dead Space right now" and get to the reviews.

Bill's already removed his content and moved it to his website, It's a great site, give it a look. David... well, I don't think David does anything anymore. As for myself, I'm still not entirely certain what to do with my internet access.

For a project that started in '05 as a means for a couple o' idiots to try and get into E3 as press, we've certainly gone a long way. I can speak for neither Bill nor David, but I, for one, loved every second of this adventure. It has been a pleasure serving with these gentlemen. I'm only disappointed we never reached the fans the way we'd hoped.

- Aaron

Edit: I've noticed a strange spike in unique traffic now that we've basically abandoned this project. What gives? If you're some sort of loyal visitor reading this, drop me an e-mail at yamishi at gmail dot com -- and let me know where your thoughts are. The last thing I would want is for me to lose all interest in this site while other people are still interested.

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